PM 2.5 dust and its unexpected dangers to the “skin”

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PM 2.5 dust is still with us. Haven’t gone anywhere And in some periods it may be very dangerous. And it doesn’t just cause harm from inhalation. But just touching the skin It can cause danger as well.

PM 2.5 dust and its unexpected dangers to the "skin"

Dr. Kanokwan Setthaphongwanich, M.D. A skin and beauty specialist states that our skin problems There are two causes that can occur: internal factors and external factors. These internal factors are related to our body’s systems, such as eating, digestive system, rest, emotions, and stress. As for external factors that harm the skin, they can be divided into 5 causes, including drinking alcohol, smoking, hot baths, sunlight, and air pollution. Sunlight and air pollution are considered important factors that cause more severe damage to the skin compared to other causes. 

PM 2.5 dust and its dangers to the skin

Today, our world tends to face more air pollution problems. Especially during this period, our country is experiencing problems with PM 2.5 dust exceeding the standard. Because PM 2.5 dust is smaller than 2.5 microns, which is 20 times smaller than human pores, it can easily penetrate into the pores. and directly affects the ยูฟ่าเบท skin depending on the concentration level and the duration of exposure to PM 2.5 dust, which can be divided into 2 periods:

  • Acute phase causing inflammation Irritation of the skin Causes the skin to lose its moisture balance because PM 2.5 can damage the outer skin cells. Or the epidermis layer (Epidermis) and destroys the protein Filaggrin (Filaggrin) that is responsible for protecting the skin (epidermal barrier protein).
  • The chronic stage is caused by exposure to PM 2.5 dust for a long period of time. PM 2.5 dust stimulates free radicals, interfering with the functioning of skin cells. Makes the skin deteriorate faster than normal. destroys collagen Makes the skin wrinkled, causing the skin to produce pigment that causes blemishes, freckles, and dark spots.

Tips for prevention and skin care Reduce the risk of danger from PM 2.5 dust.

  1. Avoid contact with PM 2.5 dust as much as possible or as little exposure as we can. Especially in people with low skin immunity or people who already have skin diseases. You will have to take extra care and protect yourself. By wearing long-sleeved clothes, long pants, hats, and glasses to cover our skin from being exposed to PM 2.5 dust particles. Wear a mask for another level of dust prevention.
  2. Take care of your skin when you get home. Take a quick shower and wash your skin thoroughly. Rejuvenate your skin with a skin detox product once a week. By choosing products that have anti-oxidant properties that contain vitamin C and vitamin E, they will help strengthen the health of the skin.
  3. Scrub your skin to stimulate the process of turning away dead skin cells once a week. It is recommended to choose a gentle formula. Does not cause irritation to the skin.
  4. Add moisture to your skin with moisturizing cream. and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. By using products to protect the skin from sunlight. which acts like a thin film Coated to prevent dust from coming into direct contact with the skin. You should choose products that do not leave excess oil behind. Doesn’t clog pores. and contains natural extracts
  5. Make your body strong To increase immunity to pollution Because when our body is weak When germs or dust come in, it can easily cause illness.
  6. Choose to eat foods that are beneficial to your body, including vegetables and fruits.
  7. Refrain from doing activities or exercising outdoors. You can change to exercising indoors instead. 
  8. Get enough sleep.
  9. Drink plenty of clean water during the day.