9 ways to care for sensitive skin Solve acne problems and make your skin healthy again.

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Sensitive skin , also known as Sensitive Skin, is a condition in which our skin is sensitive to various stimulating factors. from the environment very easily Whether it’s from cosmetics, sunscreen, cleaning products, fabrics, water, and the weather. Skin care for those who have problems with sensitive skin, as well as treating acne and restoring sensitive skin to health can be done as follows.

9 ways to care for sensitive skin Solve acne problems and make your skin healthy again.

How to care for sensitive skin, reduce acne and thin skin

Use normal temperature water to wash your face.
Each time you wash your face, girls with sensitive skin problems should use normal temperature water. You should never use hot water to wash your face. Because it will cause the balance of the skin to be washed away too much. Most importantly, you should wash your face only 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. That’s enough.

Use products for sensitive skin.
In terms of products used Whether it’s a facial cleanser or a nourishing cream, girls should choose products that have been tested by dermatologists to be gentle. And is free from perfumes, preservatives, coloring agents, and scents in order to prevent sensitive skin from irritating.

Avoid wearing makeup
for girls with sensitive skin. In case of acne or irritated skin It is very important to avoid wearing makeup. To allow the facial skin to rest and be able to accelerate the recovery of the skin to be strong faster.

Apply sunscreen every day.
Of course, UV rays have the ability to easily stimulate the skin to become inflamed. Especially with sensitive skin, it is much easier for the skin to become inflamed. It also causes acne rashes as well. Therefore, you should apply sunscreen every day. Whether you go out or not

Eat food from all 5 food groups.
Eating food from all 5 food groups is so that the ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app body receives complete nutrients. It should also be supplemented with foods that provide vitamin C and antioxidants. If you can reduce the amount of starchy foods you eat, it will be better for your skin.

Keep personal items clean.
Keeping your personal items clean is just as important as keeping your skin clean. Especially items that have the opportunity to come into contact with the skin frequently. It is necessary to clean frequently such as towels, bed sheets, pillowcases, mobile phones, etc.

Wipe your face gently
every time after cleaning your face. Ladies, you should wipe your face only gently. May use the method of gently blotting the face. To prevent skin irritation Most importantly, do not pick, squeeze, scratch, or pick the skin.

Avoid disturbing the facial skin.
Did you know that using facial cleansing products that contain scrubbing beads? Including skin scrubbing, skin masking, peeling, dermabrasion, or laser skin treatment. is a great disturbance to the facial skin Because these methods will stimulate the facial skin to be more sensitive than before. It also causes more irritation.

Prevents dry skin
When having sensitive skin problems, girls need to prevent their skin from drying out. Therefore, it is recommended to frequently use nourishing creams that are gentle on sensitive skin. And for the girls who have very dry skin It is recommended to use products that are oil-based. Which should be applied after showering and blotting within approximately 5 minutes to cover the skin while the skin is still moist.

For those who have sensitive skin problems What you should pay special attention to is Cleaning the face and personal items that have a chance of coming into contact with the skin Followed by choosing products that are gentle on the skin. and try to avoid various behaviors that disturbs the skin This alone will help prevent sensitive skin from facing acne or sensitive skin problems.