6 ways to take care of your face during the rainy season to prevent acne and oily skin.

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Did you know that during the rainy season It can cause the skin to face oiliness and acne as well. Because when the weather changes It will cause the skin condition to change as well, for example during cold weather it makes the skin dry. Hot weather makes the skin oily. And during the humid weather or during the rainy season, it makes the skin oily and acne prone. Today we would like to invite the girls Let’s know how to care for facial skin during the rainy season. To prevent problems with oily skin and acne easily.

6 ways to take care of your face during the rainy season to prevent acne and oily skin.

1. Exfoliate skin cells
Exfoliating your skin should be done at least once a week, as this method helps remove dead skin cells very well. It also helps prevent the skin from becoming clogged. Exfoliating old skin cells will help reveal new skin that is brighter and smoother than before. In terms of exfoliating skin cells It is recommended to use skin care products containing AHA, BHA, or PHA instead of directly exfoliating the skin. Because scrubbing the skin will disturb the facial skin too much. and may also easily cause skin irritation

2. Wipe your face with toner.
Many girls know that toner is a tool that helps make facial skin cleaner. Using toner after washing your face It is another step that helps remove dirt remaining on the surface completely. It also helps nourish the skin and make pores smaller. Importantly, wiping your face with toner is a step to prepare your skin for applying other skin care products. more efficiently as well

3. Use moisturizer .
Moisturizer helps add moisture to the skin. Especially the ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app skin during the rainy season needs to be moisturized all the time. To prevent the skin from dryness. In addition, using moisturizer helps nourish the skin to be healthy. and radiant skin like a child’s skin Because moisturizer is like a protective barrier for the skin. that protects the skin to be strong And does not easily cause acne.

4. Apply sunscreen.
Even during the rainy season Well, it’s not like there’s no UV rays. Therefore, you should apply sunscreen every day. Because this method is an important step to help protect your skin from being damaged by UV rays. Don’t forget that UV rays are the ones that cause serious damage to the skin. Any ladies who don’t want their facial skin to have permanent wrinkles? You should give importance to applying sunscreen every day.

5. Light makeup
Wearing light makeup during the rainy season also helps prevent oily skin and does not cause acne. Because the makeup is too thick It will easily cause blockage. And that will inevitably result in acne-prone skin. Especially during the rainy season like this, girls should choose to use waterproof cosmetics. So that you don’t have to fill your face during the day. Or after makeup comes off or gets smudged from rain.

6. Drink lots of water.
Coming to the last method that is considered a very basic method, that is, drinking a lot of water. Because water helps flush out toxins from the body. It also helps reduce acne very well. Because this method is considered a way to prevent oily skin and acne from within. The important thing is to drink enough water to meet your body’s needs. It also helps keep the skin moisturized. Skin looks hydrated. And it’s not dry or rough either.

When the rainy season enters, many people tend to neglect facial skin care. Because they think that the weather during the rainy season is not as dangerous as during the hot weather. But in reality Any type of weather has a chance of damaging the skin, but ladies must be very careful. that each weather condition is encountered How is the skin affected? In order to prevent and take care of it properly.