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Many Skilled Poker Players Can Make Big Money From The Skill Of Value Betting, Which Means When You Assume You Have A Better Hand Than Your Opponent. And You Estimate How Much Your Opponent Would Be Willing To Pay With A Weaker Hand, Then You Bet. This May Sound Simple, But This Strategy Should Be An Important Part Of Your UFABET Game. I’ll Tell You Why.

The Most Important Factor In Good Value Betting Is That You Know How To Place Your Opponent’s Hand Range. You Need To Carefully Assess What Cards Your Opponent Is Likely To Hold. This Skill Takes Some Experience And You Will Learn It Naturally After Playing Thousands Of Times. The Combination Of Placing An Opponent’s Hand Range And Using Value Betting Can Be Regarded As Two Things That Determine Winners And Losers.

And Although I Will Tell You That This Strategy Requires Some Experience. Don’t Worry. I Will Teach You To Observe And Visualize How To Bet On The River.


Example 1

In A $3-$6 No Limit Texas Holdem Game And You Have A♣ T♥ In The Button Position.

Two Players Limp Before It’s Your Turn And You Call.

The Flop Opens To 2♣ T♠ Q♦ Everyone Checks And You Decide To Bet $20 Into The $27 Pot.

Big Blind And Another Player Fold, But The Last Player Calls.

Turn Turn Is 3? And Both Of You Check

River Opens To 3? Your Competitor Checks Again, How Do You Decide?

Let’s Try To Assess The Situation. It’s Very Unlikely That Your Opponent Has A Q, Because If He Has, He’s Probably Already Betting On The River After You Checked On The Turn, But It’s Possible He Has A KJ Based On The Limp Pre-. Flop, Which Most People Probably Do. He Might Have A T And Another Soft Kicker Like JT, T9 Or Something. And He Called In The Flop Probably Because You Were The Last Person To Act And He Thinks You Just Trying To Steal Pot

In Summary, I Recommend You To Bet, But How Much Would It Be? You’ve Accidentally Shown A Weakness By Checking On The Turn And He Might Call You, But If You Bet Too Much He Might Muck It’s A Good Idea To Bet Half The Pot Even Though It Might Be Seen. That Bluff In The Eyes Of The Opponent Is A Reasonable Number And Is Considered A Good Value Bet.


Example 2

In A Game Of $2/$4 NL Holdem You Are In MD And You Have An A 3 , And An Early Position Limp Player You Decide To Limp As Well, Then A Big Blind Check Player.

The Flop Opens To 2♥ 2♣ 8♠ And All Players Check.  

Turn Opens To T♣ And Everyone Checks Again.

River Opens To Q♥, The Player Before You Checks And Now The Pot Is $14, How Do You Decide?

You Probably Have The Best Hand Right Now With Your A High, How Much Should You Bet? My Answer Is No. Make Sure Your Opponent Holds A Worse Hand Than You. But Still Good Enough To Call With. The Next Best Hand In This Situation Is Probably K High And Almost No Player Calls With That Hand, So You Should Check And Still Probably Win.

In Short, Concentration Is The Key When Playing Value Betting. You Need To Be Mindful Of Every Situation That Arises In A Street. Try To Take All Considerations To Assess Your Opponent’s Hand Range. When You Become Proficient You Will Know How Much You Should Bet Each Time. And Ask Yourself How Much Your Opponent Would Be Willing To Pay With Their Second-Best Hand.