Understanding Multi Table Tournaments

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Multi Table Tournaments Or MTTs Are Poker Tournaments With Multiple Players And Split Into Multiple Tables. It’s Going To Be A Long Race And Will Have To Build More Stacks Of Their Own To Compete With The Increasing Blinds And Ante. And Aims To Be The UFABET Champion Of That Tournament But Doing So Requires A Lot Of Poker Skills. And Playing Plans For Each Phase Of The Tournament

Understanding Multi Table Tournaments

Early Concept

-Use Normal Wide Range Hands
-Try To Keep Pots Small -Avoid
Losing Heavy Shots


It’s The Beginning Of The Tournament And Before The Ante Pick. All Players Have The Same Staring Stack And Are Fairly Deep, So You Can Play With Normal Wide Range Hands If You Keep Your Pots From Getting Too Big. It’s A Good Time To Study Other Players Who Play Well And What To Avoid. Who Plays Weak And Should Play With

MTT Is Like Marathon, It’s Not A 100m Race, You Can’t Win A Tournament At Just How Many Levels You Can Lose. So Don’t Try To Risk Your Stack In The First Few Levels. And Should Aim To Double Up Your Starting Stack.

Middle Concept

– Play Tighter
– Stop Limp (First Call)
– Focus On Position


This Is A Time When Many Players Will Have Stacks Below 60 BB And There Will Be A Lot Of Players With Short Stacks (30BB Or Less) Who Should Play Tighter. How Much Is It Worth Since The Chip Is Very Important At The Time And Increases The Risk Of Losing In Big Pots?

It’s Important To Focus On The Position And Hands That Open Raises. Ask Yourself If The Open Raise Is Re-Raised, Will It Fold? In Vain By Saving The Chips, You Can Earn More Chips As Well. Before Reaching The Bubble Time, You Should Double Up One More Time.

Late Concept

– If You Have A Short Stack, Play Very Tight, Only Play With Premium Hands.
– If You Have Deep Stacks, Play Aggressive
. – Attempt To Play Against People With Short Stacks.


As It Approaches In The Money, It’s Important To Focus On The Size Of Your Stack.

Under 20 BBs, Play Very Tight. Try Not To Play Risky Games Like Limping, Stealing Blinds, Bluffing Where You Shouldn’t, And Calling To Hold Draws. Look For Premium Hands That Help Restore Stacks That Can Be Played Normally.

On The Other Hand, If There Are Stacks That Are Very Average Or Deep, It’s Wise To Use That Advantage To Put Pressure On Players With Short Stacks That Wait For Premium Hands. Other Since His Chances Of Getting Premium Hands Aren’t That Big And He Only Misses Once, While Even If We Fail, We Still Have Chips Left To Play. Your Goal Isn’t Just In The Money, So This Is A Good Time To Build Your Stack For Future Play.

Try To Play Cautiously During This Time Because No One Wants To Be Bubble Boy. Patience Will Help In The Money.

In The Money Concept

-Emphasis On Stealing Blinds And Protecting Blinds
-Table Image And Position Will Have A Big Effect.
– Focus On Pay Jump

In The Money

After The Bubble Time, Short Stacks Are Most Likely To All-In With Sudden Widening Range Hands Such As Ace Vs. Anything, Suited Connector (Combo Hands Where Both Cards Are 1 In Rank Apart). If You Have A Deep Stack, It’s A Good Opportunity To Find A Hand To Pick Up An All-In For A Short Stack Whose Hand Range Isn’t That Strong. Give Yourself

Early On, The Player Count Drops Quickly And As The Game Disappears Halfway Through, Positions, Stealing Blinds And Blinds Defense Become More Important. Having A Skill In This Area Will Save Time Waiting For The Monster Hands.

Each Player’s Image Has A Big Effect. Loose Agressive Players Will Always Try To Protect Their Blinds And Try To Steal Other People’s Blinds As Well. A Good Approach Is To Play Aggressively When Defending Blinds Against Them. At This Point, The Hand In The Pre-Flop Can Be Used As A Deciding Hand As Playing A Single Hand Can Lead A Player To The Chip Lead, But A Blunder Mistake. Only One Can Make That Player’s Race End As Well.

It’s Also Important To Observe Pay Jumps That Can Help You Determine How Much Risk To Take As Well Because Pay Jumps In Big Tournaments Can Be Very Risky. There Is A Difference Compared To The Size Of The Prize Before The Pay Jump.

The Remaining Two Final Tables Will Take A Very Long Time To Get To The Final Table And The Stack Will Swing A Lot. Losing A Lot Of Chips Because Of A Bad Beat Is Something That Can Happen Where The Player Must Not Tilt Away From It And Try To Stay Calm. Patience Will Be The Key That You Should Seize As Much As You Can Because Going This Deep Isn’t Very Common.