There’s a lesson! Xhaka emphasizes to teammates Leverkusen Like I just missed the championship even though I was 10 points ahead.

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• Xhaka moved to work with Leverkusen this season after playing in England for 6 years

• Leverkusen Still on the path to winning the “three championships” this season.

Granit Xhaka, Swiss midfielder for Bayer Leverkusen Came out to remind his teammates that the team has not had any success yet and shared his experience from last season’s disappointment with Arsenal so that the team would not make the same mistake that he had made before.

Leverkusen is 10 points ahead of Bayern Munich after they won their last game and Bayern stumbled to just one point, with Leverkusen Still unbeaten this ยูฟ่าเบท season And if they are champions, it will be the first Bundesliga title in the club’s history, with 10 games remaining to play.

Arsenal 2022-2023 were previously 8 points clear of Manchester City after 1 April 2023, but in the end they ended the season as only the Premier League runners-up.

“We should be proud of where we are at this time. But we haven’t won anything yet. I’m talking about my own experiences from last season. We had a points advantage from second place and we didn’t win the league. So I encountered this experience. And I brought it up to the team in the dressing room.”

“Ten points is a big gap when you have 10 games remaining, but there are still 30 points left in there. So everything is not over yet.”

“My teammates came to talk to me about the situation I was facing. Because I have been in this situation before. I tell you what it was like. And what happened to us (Arsenal) but you can’t tell it all in words. But it’s a matter of feeling. So that’s why I tell all my teammates to stay calm. Stay humble. Working together each day Just like we’ve been doing all season. And we will wait and see after playing 34 games.”

Arsenal this season have played 26 games, trailing Liverpool by 5 points but playing one less game. And they play tonight against Sheffield United.