Pep helps to save the chair advises Singha owners to give Potter time.

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Pep Guardiola does not want to see his team-mates bounce off the chair early. Suggesting Chelsea give Graham Potter time to build a strong squad. Although the performance is poor at this time, recently losing to Manchester City 0-4, falling FA Cup

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has urged Chelsea owners to give manager Graham Potter some time. Rebuild the UFABET team Even during this time, the results are not good. The latest attack being hit by the Blue Sailboat, smashed into a 4-0 way home, in the third round English FA Cup battle on Sunday, January 8th. past

Pep helps to save the chair advises Singha owners to give Potter time.

Hopes of winning the domestic cup of navy blue lion Must end at the hands of City , both items. In the Carabao Cup battle in November, he lost 0-2 and most recently in the world’s oldest Knockout Cup. Had to go home empty-handed, being conceived by Riyad Mahrez for two goals, while Julian Alvarez and Phil Foden smashed each other. While the league game has just lost Pep’s team too

After the game, the Spanish boss even leading the team to win But came out to show sympathy to fellow professionals. who are in a shaky situation right now There were also Blues fans calling out the names of former trainer Thomas Tuchel and former club owner Roman Abramovich. It was a clear message of displeasure with the current head coach and co-owner Todd Bohly.

“I’m going to tell Todd Bohly give him time. I know that in big clubs Results matter. But I would say give him time to work,” Pep said. “What he did at Brighton was incredible . But we need time in the first season, I had [Lionel] Messi in Barcelona in the first season, so I don’t need another two seasons because Messi is there, but for other teams we need time. they “

In addition, the 51-year-old coach also came out and said. He is happy to remain on the road to winning this title. And his players played with incredible intensity against top teams. The fixtures for the next round have already been drawn, with Manchester City awaiting the winner of either Oxford or Arsenal on Monday January 9.