If you want to be aggressive, do you need a big stack?

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I See Some People Like To Say That Only A Big Stack Is Needed To Effectively Pressure The Opponent. Like Other Players Think That Whoever Has The Most Stacks In The Table Is Cool As A “Table Captain” Or The Captain Of The Table. And The Rest Turned Out To Be Something Good. No, No, I Can’t Think Like That. Very Nonsense.

The First Point Is That Each Hand Has Its Own Challenge, Poker Is Not A UFABET Football Game Where You Can Predetermine Your Play, You Have Two Cards And Play As Best As You Can. That’s It. And When You’re Deciding Which Approach To Take There Are Many Other Factors To Consider. One Of Them Is Stack Size, Which Is A Very Important Factor.

However, This Is Something Players Often Misunderstand. It Doesn’t Mean We Have To Judge Black And White Side By Side With The Stack, It’s Not That Big Stack=Aggressive And Short Stack=Tight.

There Are Times When You Have To Play Very Loose When You Are Short Stacked And Sometimes The Best Thing To Do When You Are Big Stack Is To Play As Tight With Your Cards As Possible.

If you want to be aggressive, do you need a big stack?
If you want to be aggressive, do you need a big stack?

Example 1: You Are In A Tournament Approaching The Bubble, The Player To Your Right Has A Big Stack And Seems To Be Playing All Hands And You Have 15-20 Big Blinds.

1. Fold Every Hand And Let The Big Stacker (Table Captain) Continue His Play.

2. Find A Gap From Your Opponent’s Recklessness And Attack To Win Dead Money.

Example 2: Day Two Of The WSOP Main Event, You Have A Big Stack And Play At A New Table. The Players On Your Left Are Fedor Holz, Doug Polk And Phil Ivey With Fewer Chips Than You.

1. Take On The Role Of Table Captain And Attack Their Blinds With Your 2 Cards.

2. Try To Play Solid To Avoid Putting Yourself In A Tough Spot With Superior Players.

It Can Be Seen That Option 2 Of Both Examples Is A Much Better Way. Although Sometimes Players With Big Stacks Get Puffed Up, Keep In Mind That Your Game Depends On The Position. And Situations Such As Competitors