3 tricks to get rid of calling stations

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A “Calling Station” Is A Player Who Likes To Call Regardless Of What Hand They Have. They Rarely Fold. We See These Types Of Players Often In Live And UFABET Online Low Stakes Games.

In This Article, We Will Look At 3 Simple Methods You Can Use To Get Rid Of The Calling Station And Increase Your Win Rate.

3 tricks to get rid of calling stations

1. Reduce Your Bluff Frequency.

You Should Bluff Less On Calling Stations, Although This Change May Be A Bit Noticeable. But It’s A Very Important One. Simply Put, If You Know Your Opponent Is Calling For No Reason, Bluffing Them Doesn’t Mean Much.

Granted, The Calling Station Folds Sometimes, So Bluffing In Special Cases Where It Matters Most Is An Exception. And It’s Considered To Maintain The Image Of Being A Good Bluff Player. To Offset And Balance Some Occasions, You Actually Have Value Betting Because Without Bluffing At All, You Become A Player That Is Too Easily Readable By Others.


2. Use A Thin Bet, But As Often As Possible (Thin-Value Bet).

Sometimes You May Be Willing To Bet For Value When You Think It’s Worth It. The Same Principle Can Be Applied To Calling Stations By Using This Thin-Value. For Example, If You Are Player A, For Example:

In Game $0.25 / $0.50 6-Handed. $22.77 Effective Stacks.

Player A In The Cutoff Position Has J♦ J♣.

Player B In MP Position Raises $1.

Player A Raises $3 And Player B Calls.

Flop ($6.75) : 2♠ 5♥ 6♣

Player B Check Player A Bet $2.14 Player B Call

Turn ($11.03): 6

Player B Call Check Player A Check

River ($11.03): 5♦

Player B Bets $3.49, Player A Raises $17.63, Player B Calls And Has A♠ Q.

This Incident Underscores Why You Should Think Twice Before “Easy Call” Or “Easy Check” When Playing With A Calling Station.


3. Increase Your Bet Size

Calling Stations Rarely Have Their Own Calling Range, Meaning They Call Or Fold Regardless Of The Bet Size They Are Dealing With. You Can Therefore Take This Opportunity To Add The Bet Size To Your Value Betting So That When You Win. You Will Win In The Big Pot. Don’t Get Confused. If You Are Just Bluffing, Use Small Bets. If You Meet A Smart Player, You May Notice When You Come Across This Stick Often. But The Players Who Think Less Have No Way Of Knowing.

And Since You Tend To Use Hard Bets On Value Bets, You Can Even Balance Them Out When There Are Weak Hands Sometimes. So Your Opponent Will Suspect What You’re Up To And May Even Call You To Bluff With Some Bad Pot-Odds, Giving You A Further Advantage.